Complimentary Therapies

This is not an authoritative view as I have no medical knowledge, just my observations and experience.There are two of us at present within this group that has taken this journey.

There are many alternative or complementary therapies around for all dis-eases, including cancers. Some of these are being tentatively acknowledged by the medical profession as having a beneficial effect.

The best place to look at any of these and get more detail is the Web (Internet).

There are two main qualities and attitude needed of anyone who seeks out such therapies: one is the will to take control of one’s own health personally and the other is the belief that there is more to health than the present orthodox medical knowledge/practice.

Many have succeeded and also failed in their journey along this road.

With respect to Prostate Cancer, it now being seriously recognised by orthodox medicine that diet – what you eat – has an impact on the development or retardation of cancerous cells. See more about this on the Diet Page.

Information is key along this road and the web provides an over abundance. So caution and enquiry is very necessary in sifting to get what you require.

I would recommend as the first port of call in getting a wider view of Prostate Cancer the You Are Not Alone website.

Of course, these therapies can be used to support an orthodox treatment or be used instead of such treatment. It is also important to remember that orthodox medicine should NOT be dismissed out of hand. It definitely has a role to play.

The greatest benefit of some of these therapies is in the PREVENTION of disease.

I have opted to pursue an Alkaline lifestyle to bring this condition under control. For more information please contact me.

Spiritual Aspect

  This deals mainly with the subtle bodies of the personality – the whole person.


All forms of meditation is known to contribute to the alkalinity of the physical body  –  in reducing emotional and mental stress.


Spiritual or energy healing, affects the subtle bodies, reducing fear and anxiety and also impacts the physical body.

Spiritual Healer, Ruth Kaye, has carried out a healing session with our group. Ruth works as a healer at St. James’s Hospital, Leeds and has been working for over about twenty years within the NHS.             See her web site:

Ian Yearwood

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