This is an area of general well being now with many schools of thought. It is wise to realise that Doctors are not Nutritionists and vice-a-versa.

There are now many “authoritative” books out now on foods to eat to prevent and reduce cancer and generally for a healthier life. One such is:-

The Plant Programme

Recipes for Fighting Breast and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer – Understand, Prevent and Overcome…

By Professor Jane Plant

Any of her other books also.

A search on the web for “Food Books for Prostate Cancer” or some such will provide a whole host of books.

Some foods that are specifically beneficial for Prostate Cancer:-

Tomatoes – rich in Lycopeine, thought to be greater when cooked.

Some foods that are to be avoided with any cancer:-   Sugar and Dairy







For a useful introduction to Nutrition click here.



There is some value in using herbs to treat many diseases, a good starting point for information is here.

Natural Treatments

For those of who would like to explore the many ways of natural treatments, a good start can be made here.

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