Meeting of June 18th



The meeting on June 18th was an extremely informative event with Mark Holmes presenting the products that Coloplast can offer for use by those who have urinary incontinence problems both pre and post surgery and also during radiotherapy treatment, whether it is sporadic or more regular.

The Conveen Optima sheath is a more comfortable, convenient and hygienic alternative to pads and is available on prescription. Mark can organise a month’s trial delivered free to your home address in total discretion and you can find details of the product on the website here. Thousands of men are already using the Conveen Optima sheath nationally to control their urinary incontinence and some of the members present on Saturday have already requested samples.

If you would like more information you can contact Mark via email on  or call him during working hours on 07766 245951. He will gladly provide more information and help.